Aging in Beauty

Beauty is irresistible.

Aging graciously, however, is an art. And hard work.

Within in a few days, you will be able to face the challenge.
You will not go back to your prime, you will go
step by step into the best time of your life.

The anti-aging campaign is an absurd trend: It is extremely stressful and it is definitely ridiculous to be „anti“ something as natural as aging. Too much sport, too much diet will harm you. On the top of all, the anti-aging
products will cost you a fortune.

Aging is a talent. However, if you feel you are not talented, there are
very interesting ways leading to elegance
and peace in aging.

Any woman, any man will need help in this moment of life.
Mirrors are very good instruments to help
to go through the change.

• in Merano, Palace Merano & Espace Henri Chenot

• in Baden-Baden, Brenners Parkhotel & Spa


Basic Seminary - 3 days

Number of participants: max. 10

Fees: on request

Course - 8 days

Number of participants: max. 10

Fees: on request

The 8-day course includes individual advice.

All courses can be booked as private sessions.

If Monsieur
Virus Corona 
lets himself be framed,
classes may continue ...