Grace and Discipline

Even if you are born a princess, you have to work at it!
The Danse Classique - Ballet - is a good way to learn maintien,
to acquire the attitude.
In today's changing world girls have to discover a very dignified way of beauty. Ballet has all the attributes needed to develop flexibility, a strong back, good muscles, etc.
Starting practising Ballet before the age of ten gives to a girl's body the muscles she will keep all her life.
It is extremely important to realize that the old art (nearly 300 years) of Ballet is also mainly a set of exercises "from toe to top".
My way of teaching is a way that makes girls feel enthusiastic to learn Ballet. For the older girls and even grown-up women my teaching is a complement to any other sport. Flexibility is a warranty for avoiding injuries.
I developed a special teaching for women from
traditional Arabic countries.

Private teaching by appointment.

The Griffon symbol of Grace