La Grâce


If Monsieur Virus Corona 
lets himself be framed,
classes may continue ...


To understand Grace, one must delve into all the different uses of the word:  “Grace – Grazie – thank you”. Gratitude is great joy in life; it is the conscience of duty. In a theological context, Grace relates to the Grace of God. To enter with grace, to fall into disgrace, His Gracious Majesty, by the Grace of God: all these phrases reflect the creative nature of existence, whether it be divine or human, and the depth of happiness that
comes from gratitude.
Dance to stay gracious.
Become gracious through dance.
My classes provide the discipline needed on the path to achieve this. 

Working in front of a mirror

The mirror is a great ally when working by yourself. The ability to see our ideal selves  in the mirror is defined by our generosity and the greatness of our souls. Being able to see beyond the wrinkles on your forehead and the small spot on your chin is what the mirror expects of us!

Using our loyal friend the mirror in the right way is as important at the age of 7 as it is at the age of 70. Learning to love your reflection helps us deal with weight problems and in the fight against aging! Work in front of the mirror is particularly useful for men performing on the political stage!

The Locations

My classes are given in places that have a long tradition of beauty and harmony. These days human beings often have to live in surroundings that  are “functional” but also destabilising.  All the places I've chosen ‒ like Baden-Baden or Mauritius ‒ are places of nature where we can reconnect with our human intelligence to find peace and equilibrium. To this I will add an acquisition of dance techniques. You will rediscover during my lessons the instinct of happiness!


Le Bristol, Paris

Château de Courances, Île-de-France


Brenners Parkhotel & Spa, Baden-Baden

United Kingdom:

The Lanesborough, London


Al Bustan Palace, Muscat (wintertime only)


The Residence, Mauritius (wintertime only)

Seminars Now

Four Days @ Femininity




Bad Ragaz

2.500 €


Dancing is living…

I dance, therefore I am!

My seminars and dance lessons are open to anyone who loves the beauty of movement, music and dance. Classical dance  demands a complete awareness of the body and its potential harmony.


Contrary to many other sports, Dance exercises the body and the mind. Tense nerves are  calmed and caressed by the  music of the most celebrated composers. The brutality of  modern daily life dissipates through concentration on the movement of your arms and legs. You will discover deep within yourself: Grace

Who am I ?

I am a Ballet teacher.
Classical dance is my life and passion. 
To share this passion is my aim.

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