If Monsieur Virus Corona 
lets himself be framed,
classes may continue ...

Discover and go the way to a timeless femininity!

First day

• Private interview with each participant
(lifestyle check, editing of a private nutrition, exercice, massage and beauty agenda)

• The first day is also relax day. Your room or suite is designed in colours as well as furnishing for you
to feel safe and cosy.

• During the afternoon you will have a first short lesson in the sea.

• Then, after a light dinner, good night!

Second day -- and all the other days

• Early start: 6 a.m.

Breathing exercises along the beach, swimming

8.30 a.m. Breakfast buffet: a healthy and
fresh selection

10 a.m. Special massages - beauty and relaxation
at the Sanctuary

12.30 p.m. 30 minutes of exercise (en lieu de lunch)

1 p.m. Rest

3 - 5 p.m. 2 hours of Ballet Barre au sol exercises
in studio or in the sea

5 p.m. Teatime in the garden
Style classes and conversation

8 p.m. Dinner

The programme is designed for 3 weeks. You will feel relaxed, healthy and strong at any age.

Classes of 8 days, 10 days or 3 weeks.
Information on prices:

Please send me your request.