If Monsieur Virus Corona 
lets himself be framed,
classes may continue ...

OMAN Programme

(1) For Girls from 7 to 12

(2) For Teenagers

(3) Classes for Adult Women

(4) Special Classes for the Women Sailing Crew

Why Ballet?

My method (Méthode Française) trains girls as well as adult women in a gentle way respecting the female body. Our body has very different needs as to the way to train it and the aims we want to achieve.
In these days, training means mainly training a male body. It is very important for women to have a female teacher.

In the Basic Classes, we discover movement and moving graciously.
In the Superior Classes, you will train the whole body, build up muscles and develop flexibility. Depending on your special problems (knees, ankles, heaps, back, lower back, shoulders, etc.) I will teach privately.
Nevertheless, all students have a common routine.
During lessons we listen to music, classical European Renaissance music as well as refined Arabic style music.

Special: Exercise in front of the mirror.

Special for Teenagers: Pointes. Step on your toes!
The best way to have a straight back and to control your weight.

Teacher Training Classes

It is very important to form female teachers according to the 
Méthode Française. Duration of the programme: 6 months.

Special Training for the Sailing Ladies

I watched a report on the training of the Omani Ladies Sailing Crew. My training is definitely more efficient because flexibility of the body is one of the most important qualities in the art of sailing.

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