• Fabienne Beringer

Questions Game à la Proust reinvented by Manolo Blahnik

In VOGUE Germany (May 2016) on page 132 Manolo Blahnik puts forward personal questions. I answer some of them:

Q: Where do you feel at home? A: In Baden-Baden.

Q: Which song is depicting your personality? A: “Singing In The Rain”.

Q: You are supposed to live only one more day. What will you do? A: Enjoy the day from sunrise to moonrise.

Q: Which personality in history would you like to be? A: Cleopatra.

Q: What does you make happy? A: My cat.

Q: What is your favorite word? A: Peace.

Q: Your most delightful memory from childhood? A: My expeditions in my grand-mother’s garden.

Q: When did you live a perfect day lastly? A: Today!

Q: Would you like to change your name? A: No.

Q: Do we live in a virtual world? A: Yes.

Q: Your definition of style? A: Giving others the feeling you do nothing and never have done anything … important.

Q: Is elegance a state of mind? A: Yes, of course.

Q: Your favorite shoes? A: Pointes.

Q: Should dreams come true? A: Yes, why not?

Q: Does everything happen for a reason? A: Perhaps, we don’t know.

Q: Did you meet your big goals? A: Yes, I did.

Q: Would your old ego be proud of your current ego? A: Not sure.

Q: Books or films? A: Books, books and books.

Q: Past or future? A: Present.

Q: Satin or cotton? A: Both … and silk and linen and wool and fur and feathers and …

Q: Crafts or technology? A: Both.

Q: Is your glass half full or half empty? A: Half empty. Please fill again!

Q: What quality must have a human so that he/she can be your friend? A: Intelligence.

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